Sunday, February 5, 2012


Uhmmm.... EXCITEMENT!!! The best collection in a very long time! I am obsessed wit every single product. If you are not much of a reader and more of a picture person, well I have a video on it, (videos: pictures on steroids) so you can go ahead and watch it here:
(not the cutest thumbnail :/.... I know)

Anyways here are some pictures of the things I got, and one that I returned and exchange for other things!

  • Creme Blush in : Optimistic Orange
  • Creme Blush in: Florida

Florida Blush:

Optimist Orage:

(left: florida, right: optimistic orange)

  • Quick Sizzle Lipstick
Quick Sizzle (MATTE):

 Here I compared the Quick Sizzle Lipstick (which is a Matte Finish) to two other similar things from MAC I have.

(left: Impassioned Lipstick, warmer and more orange. Center: Quick Sizzle Lipstick, right: Magenta Lip Liner, more purple and cooler tone.)

  • Shop & Drop Palette

Swatches: from L to Right: Sugar Snack (M), Hypnotizing (F), Power Boosted (VXP), Shop & Drop (S)

Here I compared Hypnotizing to Satin Taupe which look fairly similar in the pan but on the skin you can see that Satin Taupe is warmer and has more brown in it.

  • Crushed Metal Pigments  (the only thing I got from the Vera Collection, but I returned)

Pink Patch Metal Pigments:

So I returned the Crushed Metal Pigments but of course I managed to do a little photoshoot of me (and my ferret) sporting all 4 pigments on my eyes, cheeks and lips (mixed with vaseline)

 I know this is not my most flattering picture, but my ferret Boots looks so cute I couldn't help myself!

I exchanged the pigments for another palette, the Color Added Palette (shown above)
Here is another photoshoot of one look I created using the palette, I'll have an upcoming tutorial showing you how to recreate this and another look.!

Color Added Palette: 

From Left to Right: Laundry Daze (S), Colour Added (VXP), Pre-Packaged (VXP) Self-Serve (S)

I went to walk my dog Abbie wearing Scan-Delicious Kissable Lip Colour and Optimistic Orange on my cheeks, little bit of mascara and Bam! Out the Door, it was very early in the morning (as you can tell by the look on my face) but I loved the combo.

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