Thursday, November 10, 2011


I've always been a beauty junkie, but I started to get into nail polish after I started watching youtube videos.

If you watch youtube videos, gurus have been raving about Peridot. It is truly an amazing color. Chanel is pretty expensive so if you are to splurge the $25 on a nail polish I would totally recommend this one. When you are looking for higher end products my rule of thumb is to spend the money on things that are unique and unlike something I have never seen before. If you were looking for a dark cranberry nail polish I would tell you stay away from the expensive ones and look into Wet n' Wild or OPI. But this nail polish is so different I think it makes up for the price.

Defining the color of this polish is quite hard, it changes depending on how the light hits it. But overall it is a golden- green base with a blue double chrome. It is the closest thing to a "Mood Changing" Nail Polish. :D

However, here are some budget friendly dupes so you can get the Peridot style, for a steal!

  • Peace on Earth by China Glaze
  • Diving in Malaysia by Sephora 

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